Saturday, April 15, 2017

This is MY TIME

So often we prioritize everything above us and we leave little time to take care of ourselves and our bodies. Carving out time to focus on you is so important and it starts by making the commitment to move a daily basis.

This may sound like a big task and you may already be cutting yourself short saying “I can’t work out every day!”  You don’t have to work out every day, but you do have to move!  

Start small and set aside 15-20 minutes and fully commit to this time. I like using the mantra "This Is MY Time" as I'm getting ready for my morning workout. This helps me focus and set an intension for this time. For me, having “my time” is best in the morning. I have no excuses; the obstacle is only you.

The night before, set out your gym clothes…down to the socks. What do you want to dedicate that time to? Cardio, strength, yoga, it’s up to you. YouTube is a great resource to get you going. See my favorite fitness influencers and motivators below. These are quick videos or routines that make you break a sweat. 

Start small and build from there…20 minutes, leads to 30, and soon enough you will be hoping out of bed ready for your gym swagger!

For next week, I dare you to workout 3 mornings with me. Use the hashtag #MeliQFit and let me know how you spent your “My Time.”

Favorite Workouts

Monday, April 10, 2017

Be Qurious. Find inspiration. Feel energized.

I wanted to revive my blog and be curious about life – Explore what the world has to offer and share it. 

When I first started Qurious Quinones, I focused on beauty, fashion and lifestyle. I still love all those things, but I wanted to share other areas that are also meaningful to me. 

Lately, my curiosity for fitness, wellness, and spirituality have lead me to take these three areas of my life and make them into a priority. I made a commitment to prioritize my health and wellness, and o really understand self-care and what means in my everyday life. 

I hope you can join me in discovering curiosities that are all around us.

Be Qurious. Find inspiration. Feel energized. 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Winter Vibes

It's officially the dead of winter in NYC and with that are the many layers to stay warm while on the go.  From head-to-toe here are some of my favorites:

Go monochromatic and match your scarf and beanie it to your coat 

Monday, July 21, 2014


Even if you don't make it to the gym, workout gear is having a major moment. From glam to gym, check out QQ's favorite styles

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Au Naturale Everyday, All Day

We were invited to the Dark & Lovely Au Naturale styling suite event in Chicago at Untltled to have brunch with Chef Roble's Everday People!! The Hair was on point, food totally delicious, great styling swag! 

Sunday brunch never looked soo good!! 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

PERFECT Mermaid Hair

Yaaaassss!!!!All hail Queen B! She perfects mermaid hair with natural messy waves that make this hair style super sexy. The best method to achieving mermaid hair is air drying with just the right products. R29 Nails the technique

Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy 5th BDAY to Qurious

Hola Hola!

Today Qurious celebrates its 5th birthday! Thank you for reading, commenting and following QQ! It has been a great 5 years and we hope the next 5 bring so many more blessings! 

Meli Q