Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Upgrade! New Apartment

I recently upgraded my life and moved from my tiny apartment to a more comfortable slighty bigger space. If I could have tele-ported all of my things from one apartment to the other and not have to physically move it - trust me -I would have done it. The thought of moving, packing, unpacking and reorganizing is exhausting. But it must get done.
There is a silver lining to moving: it's a good way to overhaul your closet space. The move forced me to throw out stuff I haven't worn in years. I was able to give some of the lightly used items to my cleaning lady and made a bag for my mom to send to Colombia. I still had a truck load worth of stuff, which made filling up my new HUGE closet an "easy" job. Check it out!

The move itself was quick thanks to awesome friends who helped pack and load up the Uhaul. It takes a village, people!
My apartment is coming along, mostly everything is unpacked and now the fun part starts, decorating. Stay tuned for blogs on deco ideas for small spaces.




Nicole said...

closet looks fab meli! got to love upgrading that space!

Vanessa said...

Loving the new closet! So jealous, mine is about the size of the space where your purses are hanging!

Kaity said...

QQ loving the space & color schemes and patterns of your outfits! LOL

Belkas said...

You know it's a Meli closet when there's tons of prints and a Mets hat! Congrats on the move!

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