Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's a (dating) jungle out there

Let me start this post by saying this: Being single is liberating, fun and you learn about yourself. I'm constantly meeting bachelors and going on dates. I have my elevator speech down and in a sea of awkward conversations and first dates, I have found real connections -- they are the exception. But it is a jungle out there...full of (horny and stupid) hyenas!

Last week - many weeks after our first date - I received a voicemail from one of these hyenas. In the voicemail, he very excited informed me that he had tickets to see Kathy Griffin and wanted to invite me. He also mentioned that the D Lister was dating his friend and we would go out with them after the show. I thought it would be a fun thing to do, so I said sure, why not. On the morning of the date, I received this long text that outlined an itinerary which included a time and place for us to "hook up" and then go about the date...This really happened. See the text below:

 I was floored by this text!!! Here goes my response:

If you are a single guy out there, please please think before you text!


nickie p said...

love that response mel! haha, and his idiotic response back. Creeper!

Qurious Quinones said...

Yes, NP...total creeper!!

LL said...

You should send this to Kathy Griffin, good material for her stand up.

Silvie said...

Agree with LL!!

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