Friday, February 15, 2013

Three Dates - A Restaurant Guide! Chicago

It's hard to not be a foodie when you live in Chicago. I like to keep a list of restaurants with delicious food, great ambiance that helps you avoid the annoying conversation of "what do you want to do tonight?"

Here are some that made the list. Hopefully it will be a might to remember! 

Tavernita/Barcito: The delicious tapas are just enough food to keep you satisfied while the atmosphere is fun and the drinks are strong. Ask for Alan, one of my favorite bartenders!

Nellcote: I love this Euro-chic space, this is a fabulous lux place that was inspired by a French mansion -- and home to the Rolling Stones in the 70's.  The  wood-fired pizzas are delicious , made with house-milled wheat flour, and the myriad small plates. Try one of the Chef-shaken "kitchen cocktails. Cheers!

Pump Room: Sinatra, Monroe, Hefner and in the words of Jay-Z "I got my swagger back." Get your Glam on and be prepared to be watched and enjoy the people watching.

QQ Fashion Tip: Wear your confidence.

 Photos of Pump Room, Chicago
This photo of Pump Room is ourtesy of TripAdvisor

Paris Club/Studio Paris: Get the mojo going with oysters, low lights and delicious drinks. Then take the party upstairs and dance the night away.

QQ Tip: Thursday night have the right balance of cool and sexy.

Les Nomades: No one does romantic better then the French, oui? This is a statement date place. Got something important to say? Go to Le Nomades or go home. You know what we mean...

Photos of Les Nomades, Chicago
This photo of Les Nomades is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Geja's Cafe: Candle light, fondue and the sound of a sexy guitar. Can you spell romantic? Geja's can. This place is great for an intimate date, where nothing else matters but the two of you.


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