Wednesday, April 10, 2013

7 Month Itch

Some have heard of the Seven Year Itch...both the Monroe movie and the relationship curse that after seven years couples get that tingle for something new. Fast forward 50 yrs or so and  there is a new phenomenon in the dating world called the Seven Month Itch. The idea that if you make it past 7 months, your relationship will make it to the next round, because we all know, this is just the beginning or the beginning to the end. 

The Seven Month Itch timeline goes something like this:

1-2 months: "I ❤ this person!" You are totally smitten and your partner is everything you want and more. You have stars in your eyes the world is viewed in rose colored glasses. You are on your best behavior. 

3-4 months: Now that the sparkle and glitter dust have settled, you are taking a closer look at this person and really seeing them for who they are and exposing who you really are. The honeymoon is over but if you still have kick in your step.

5-6 months: This is the time that you really start thinking about all those annoying things that your partner does. Sure, it was cute in the first couple of months but now that one thing drives you crazy. The question is: Can you deal with it? Or is it a deal breaker? 

7 month Itch: After taking stock of all the good, bad and the ugly, asking all 10 of your best friends their advice and opinions you move forward....


You cut your losses and move on...

Have you had a seven month itch? Share in the comments below!


Alibaby said...

hmmm I don't know anything about this stuff. #Single4Life. I guess I beleive in the 3rd date itch.

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