Thursday, September 5, 2013


One of my favorite accessory company is Conkissta, that offers original, handmade mochila bags straight from the Wayuu Tribe in Colombia.

Every time I travel back to Colombia, I try to share a little piece of my country to my friends in the states. Now, Conkissta brings the gift of the mochila to us. These bags are really a work of art. Each one is handmade and takes up to 30 days to create by the women of the Wayuu tribe.

I'm all about color, patterns and prints. Either solid or printed, these bags go with everything! They come in standard, large and mini size. My Pick is the Fall the grey and yellow Pisces bag. I love the color combination! 

Conkissta is always making trips down to Colombia to bring back the freshest crop of mochila bags! Catch up with them on FacebookIstagram and Pinterest.

Qurious Tip: Bags ship world-wide!


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