Monday, October 7, 2013

GlamPact - Product Review

We asked makeup lover and Qurious Q contributor, Jani to review the Glam Pact, a super cute all-in-one compact that comes with everything you need including perfect lighting and brushes. Check out her pros & cons! 

Excited to get our hands dirty 
Cute & Portable 

We are a fan of its cool packaging and organization. Every compartment has a place to keep the product nice and neat. There is even a clear partition between the foundation and the mirror to protect the mirror. It also comes with a USB cord to recharge the battery. The sponges are also great. Loved those.

Although the brushes are cute they are hard to use. Because they are super small, it makes it even harder to use on the go. Also, the blush brush is tiny yet wide, so it picks up all the other colors (highlighter & bronzer). It's a shame that the foundation was too too light for our skin tone, so we couldn't use it and the blush and eye shadow colors didn't have enough pigment and left a chalky finish. 

Final Thoughts: 
Its a great concept and we hope that they can expand to include more skin tone colors and focus on the quality of the makeup. 

Check out the daytime look below. 


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