Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This is for My People

As the first month of this new decade comes to a close, I've taken some time to reflect on the past ten years and started thinking about the next ten to twelve months.

Reflecting on ten years can be a daunting task, so I'll spare you the details. In a nut shell, I've had two graduations, made great friends, traveled to far away places, fell in and out of love and left the greatest city in the world for a windy one.

Anyone that knows me well will tell you -- QQ is a planner. I love to think ahead and plan everything down to the last detail. I will even go as far as giving you an itinerary, just so you know what's coming next. What can I say? It’s the Virgo in me! Thank God I can do this as part of my career because it is nearly impossible to plan for the next 365 days.

For this New Year, I have resolved to stop planning the rest of my life today. I’ve decided that I am going to trust myself to know that every decision I make will shape the life I want to build -- not just for myself but for "my people.” No, not “my people” as in an entourage! The people who love and care for me, my family, lovers and friends– current and future.

Who knows where life will take me in this new decade, but knowing that my people are by my side makes the journey that much sweeter!

Here’s a toast to all my people!




Favio said...

I absolutely love this QQ post! I am sure this new decade will be full of "salud, amor y dinero". You are truly one of a kind! :)

Kaity said...

meli im teary and you know i never post.. te quiero mi amiga. over 10 years now of knowing each other.. WOW!

i promise to visit very very soon as soon as i start planning on my end. (the irony, i cant commit to travel dates!) i am even going to post this on your FB.

Nicole said...

Good one Meli!!! Lots of good ideas, can't wait till you implement them! Last ten years were great, some CRAZY times. Next ten years will be even better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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