Monday, February 6, 2012

GLAMonday - Shut your Mouth

For this week's edition of GLAMonday, bold lips! As in velvety reds, bright fuchsia lips and bursting oranges - I absolutely move a loud mouth!


I personally love MAC's Morange (Above). It brightens up my entire face. Check me out on the right wearing an orange hue.
Another favorite is Make Up Forever matte red. Every girl should have a go-to shade of red lipstick. Two words -- SUPER GLAM!

If the neon style is a bit much for you but you want to test out the look, I recommend starting out with a bright gloss. Bare Essentials BUXOM gloss will give you the hint of color and a burst of tingle that will give you Brangelina lips.

If all the above is just WAY too much...a simple lip stain can still add a pop of color to your lips. Tart makes them in a variety of color. Leave as is for a matte finish or add a dab of lip gloss for touch of shine.

SIDE NOTE: Remember, if your lips are bold, keep the rest of your makeup muted. You want to highlight one feature!

Now you're ready to pucker up.



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