Sunday, April 29, 2012

Stranger Danger

Hola Hola!

It's been a while since my last post and during this time I've been gallivanting through Chicago, kicking ass and taking names. Anyway, It's still a (dating) jungle out there and this particular blog post is a warning for stranger danger. Here it goes:

The Background
A couple of weeks ago, while on my way out of Starbucks (grande coffee, skim, 1 Splenda w/ a straw) I was stopped on the street by semi ok guy. He gave me a compliment and a line about knowing each other from NBC in NY ("Nope. Sorry, I've never worked at 30 Rock"). I appreciated the courage and confidence so we exchanged numbers. A week later we met up for sushi and during the meal, he kept referring to everything as "real talk" while splaying his hands out in a feminine manner. I, for sure, thought he went both ways. I'm personally into manly men so "real talk" wasn't my kind of guy -- but I thought, OK maybe a new friend.

During the weekend "real talk" kept insisting on meeting up again -- at my apt. When I replied that my apartment wasn't suitable to host anyone he suggested to get a room at the W!! -- Hold up. What?! I was thinking about grabbing a drink -- not a room!

So, after MUCH consideration and hesitation (and placing a safety call to my homeboy) I had "real talk" over for a brief Sunday night drink. In his very feminine manner he kept saying how connected he felt. "We are, like, so connected in friendship level, a creative level and on a sexual level."
Say what, now?! With the most Queens attitude, I said "Listen, let me make this very clear. We are not connected on any level. Specially NOT sexually. I do not think you are attractive. We will never get it on. End of story, please leave." After the Queens Girl came out of me...he left. I thought that was weird! I erased his number and moved on with my life.

The Aftermath
Weeks later, I'm at work on a conference call and my iPhone starts blowing up with a NY area code number. I get off my call and think, "oh, shit. Somethings wrong at home" and without hesitation call back. To my surprise a woman answer and starts going off on me with a list of questions.
"Who are you? Why are you txting my fiance "real talk"? What is your relationship with him."

WHOA!!! (1. I thought he was gay, or at least bi; 2. Why is this crazy woman calling me? 3.Wow, my gaydar is really off!) When she finally stops, I give her The Background and tell her that her fiance was not acting like a committed man...and to save the drama for her mama. I'm out of this.

The Lesson
I hope this story has taught all of us a lesson. Stranger danger is alive and well. I think we have a sugar-coated view on love -- that it can be found anywhere -- but this is a scenario that has taught me to never take candy a phone number from a total stranger. Moving forward, all my interactions with guys need to have a third party involved. So, with that said...Does anyone know a handsome, successful, college educated brother/cousin/co-worker who might be a good fit?



Vanessa said...

Amen sista! And then guys wonder why we think they are weird, glad your Queens girl came out and got rid of him!

Julie said...

Lesson 1) strangers are creepy. Lesson 2) If another woman tells you that your man is either trying to cheat or cheating on her, offering to get hotel rooms, etc... take in the information, absorb, and then drop him!

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