Thursday, September 27, 2012

Five Fall Trends to Update your Look

Its official, the Fall Fashion season has started. It is that time of year when you are ready pile on the layers, pull up the boots and bring out the tights. Below is a list of the five key pieces you will need to update your fall look. No need to break the bank, you can find all the items for under $100.


1.      Peplum – The ruffle at the hip is what makes this shape wearable and flattering on almost everyone. It accentuates the waist and creates beautiful lady like curves. Peplum style is versatile, as you can wear it as a dress, skirt or shirt. There is no risk in this style, just reward.

2.      Leather – Mixing and matching leather into any outfit will guarantee cool points. The trick to leather is to try it with in unexpected style and mix with different fabrics.  There is no better  time year, than the fall to wear leather leggings. Yes, you read right.If that is too much, try layering it with a fur vest for a cool look.

Get the Look:

3.      Dark Floral – Flowers? For fall? YES! The key to pulling off this trend is to make sure the flower print is set to a dark background. Pretty pastels and whites are reserved for spring and summer. Autumn flowers are moody and full of attitude. My advice is to try this trend in an accessory, like a scarf or a wrap.

4.      Moto – The motorcycle trend is here to stay and we couldn’t agree more. Wear a cool pair of boots or leather jacket and you will be instantly cool. Remember, moto doesn’t have to mean black, leather and studs. You can play with colors and textures.
5.      Collar Necklace – If can only upgrade your look with once accessory, we recommend getting a fantastic collar necklace. It will add an upgrade to your look and will put you in the “IN” crowd!


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