Thursday, November 29, 2012

Online Dating 101

It’s hard to ignore the commercials: the wide eye couple, exchanging casual laughs and witty banter at a cool hot spot. It’s an online dating commercial. We’ve all seen them. But how do go from profile to date? As a serial online dater, here are some tips that will get you some dates!

Your profile should give a quick snap shot of who you are! Make it light, flirty and direct. It should give your suitors a glimpse into your lifestyle and personality. Describe yourself as your friends would, but be concise and to the point. No one wants to hear about your baggage before they meet you.
The profile should follow this formula
  • Who you are (in less than 7 sentences)
  • What you are looking for (Ladies! Never ever put down that you are looking to “have fun.” Somehow, in a man’s mind that translates to “I want to have sex.”
  • What your passion is (Lure your possible suitor with what drives you!)
Let’s face it, when searching online dating profiles your pictures are the first line of defense! Recruit one of your closest friends of the opposite sex and go through your photos.  We are visual beings!  Illustrate your lifestyle through a carefully curated montage of photos. Include a close up of your face, a full body shot, an action shots.
Guys: Please spare the ladies from your self-portrait that you took in the bathroom. It’s not attractive and makes you look like a friendless DB.
Make a Connection:
So you read the profile, you are attracted to the photos, and now what?! Test the waters! Send the object of your attraction a wink or a poke. If that person reciprocates, then go ahead and start the conversation. A simple, “Thanks for the wink. Hope you’re having a good day” will do. There are lots of creepy people who will ask you strange questions. If it smells like a creepo, it probably is. Steer Clear.
Ladies: The male/female roles are more defined in online dating than in the real world. Men are hunters, if he is likes what he sees/reads, he will hunt you down and ask for a date.
First Date:
Before you go on your date, tell a friend who and where you're going out with. You must have a safety. Bottom line, whichever way you cut it, you are meeting a stranger.
Online first dates are a bit awkward, full of shy smiles, passing looks and (hopefully) laughs. After some back and forth on email, text and maybe a phone call, you agreed to meet to have drinks, dinner or just coffee. First dates are exploratory conversations. Do they match up to what you’ve learned so far? Are you attracted, and most importantly…Is there chemistry?! The Zsa Zsa Zsu, we are all looking for.  Not all of those questions will be answered on your first date, but if there is something there then go on another date. You will be more comfortable, and the second date is the make it or break it.
Second & Third date: If you’ve made it this far and there is still no chemistry, move on to the next one. If the sparks are flying like you’ve been hit by lighting then, go with it!

Online dating is about wearing your heart on your sleeve, having options, learning your likes and dislikes. Have fun with it, but don't it too seriously. It's all a learning experience. 


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