Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Hair Trend - The Lob aka the Long Bob aka "The Robert"

A new hair trend has emerged for Spring, the Long Bob (Lob) aka "The Robert." This is a hair trend for those of us who are used to having long hair but want a change. The great thing about "The Robert" is that you can keep the visual of long hair without the hassle and the split ends.When going for this cut consider your face shape and styling time. The last thing you want is to spend hours to keep up your new do.

BEFORE - Long Hair
AFTER - "The Robert
Earlier this year, I wanted a change and cut  FIVE inches off my mane. Although my stylist loved my long hair, she agreed that it needed a snip -- or five.
My natural hair texture is wavy which is really easy to make curly or straight. I like to use TIGI's BED HEAD Straighten Out Cream to smooth out my waves. This product is full of new technology that will keep my hair straight for 48 hours. When I want to pump up the curls, I go for On The Rebound Curl Cream, also by BED HEAD. It really helps coil up my waves and adds tons of shine!

Do you think you'll try out "The Robert?!"


Patrcia Uche-Chiemeka said...

Now if you are a bit worried about dying your hair let me just tell you: hair is hair, it grows back and it can be cut off. If you're a person who is very "attached" to your hair and you don't want to risk dying it then don't; but if you're ready for a change then go for it! virgin brazilian hair extensions

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