Thursday, March 28, 2013

TRENDS! Crop Tops

This summer you will see the revival of a new trend that will make us wish we had those Rihanna Abs! The CROP TOP is Back!! I don't know if I should run for miles or to my plastic surgeon. This trend is coming up to fast and furious, that we need to be ready to catch it before we can say muffing top!

Here are some tips to pull off that infamous Crop Top:

  • HIGH WAIST ANYTHING: Wear with high-waist pants or skirts. The point is to have just a bit of skin showing. No more than 3 inches. Make sure that your pants fit! the last thing you want is too tight of pants and to have a high-top muffin spilling out.
  • BE HONEST: So, you've been hitting the gym and ready for the crop top. Before you hit the streets, do a selfie photo shoot or ask a friend to take few shots. Make sure that you are getting front, side and back. The last thing you want is back fat.
  • WEATHER MATTERS: If you live in a warm climate, go for it now. Spring is here! But if you are still stuck in the winter/spring wait a few weeks for the weather to warm up. 

Will you rock the crop top this season?!


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