Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Days of Summer

Last night I was lucky enough to attend the private screening for the movie (500) Days of Summer. An indie romp-com with cutie Zoey Deschanel (Summer) and Joseph Gorden Levitt (Tom) at the Music Box theater as part of the GenArt Film Festival.

The movie was so cute and a little heartbreaking as we are told in the beginning of the film; this is NOT a love story. Zoey Deschanel plays a sweet, easy to love kinda girl that JGL just falls head over heels for. We've all been there...a guy you don't really want to call your BF, but he kinda is your BF. And we've all been on the flip side too. At some point we have all been Summer, and we have all been Tom.

The chemistry between these two was made in indie heaven with an indie soundtrack to add. I will most likely will be downloading it.

The really cool thing about this movie is how the director added fun treatments to it like cartooning, split screens of reality vs. expectations, dance numbers and flipping back and forth from the past to the present.

I say go see it. You will cry, laugh and think about your ex-boyfriend.


Anonymous said...

This sounds cute, I will totally watch it.

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