Saturday, June 20, 2009

Qurious about you...single in the sizzling summer

After using every weather accessories in Mary Poppins bag - umbrella, galoshes, sunglasses, flip flops and sweatshirt - and being nearly blown away by the Chicago wind. I headed to the museum of Contemporary Art for Chicago Magazines Summer Singles event last night. Since I arrived in Chi-town I have been so excited for event. Boys, check. Good food AND Drink, check. The chance to meet new friends, CHECK. It's ON.

I always love to check out what everyone is wearing to determine the mood of the event..and flirty cocktail dresses were in full effect. The girls brought it! From super summery eyelet dresses to bold brights it was a good mix of fashionistas. The guys looked good too, with usual man wear - button down shirt, jeans or nice pants and sometimes a port jacket. Some got a little creative but men's wear is not really my thing. Movin on...

As an event planner myself, there where a few thing that I would have changed. It was raining so hard and everyone was packed into the main hall upstairs and PR and marketing people talked, and talked and talked AND talked! It was really annoying. Finally the music started playing and it was surprisingly good. Again, where was the dance area? I was ready to get down while drinking back Bulleit Gin! YUM. Bulleit bourbin and something else....Whatever it was, damn good!!!

Met some great girls, which I hope after a night of triple D's (drinking, dancing and debauchery) - still want to befriend me.

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Emily said...

you are CRAZY!!!!

Emily said...

this is nick by the way, on emily's computer.

Qurious Quinones said...

Crazy, sexy, cool...TLC...ahahah

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