Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Qurious About...FOOD COMAS

Just a Taste, of more than 50 of Chicago’s restaurants is what you will get at Taste of Chicago. Full of energy and appetite I ventured out on a sunny Saturday to Grant Park to experience gastronomy like never before. Everything from saucy BBQ ribs to fruity gelatos was available to your most glutinous desires.

I had to attend this massive food adventure with my fellow food beast – Jani & Antonio. We started with shrimp and veggie tempura, not my favorite. What I really wanted was ribs!!! So saucy and meaty – all I have to say is thank God I did not wear white. I was like messy four year-old – sauce everywhere. I was glad to see mis paisanos; Colombia was in the house with Las Tablas Colombian Steakhouse – I resisted and only had maduros. After a (or three) glass of wine, a cup of gazpacho soup, ice cream and soy chips, I was on my way to a full on food coma.

By the time I got home - after the sun, food, and wine - I was ready to call it quits, and I did for two hours.

The rest of the weekend went almost in the same direction but instead of going out to we stayed in and had a rooftop BBQ. Salt potato's, Mexican chorizo, Guava paste with goat cheese and slices of melons all as appetizers. Burgers topped off with roasted mushrooms and peppers with grilled red onions and avocado! YUMMY!! Needless to say, I all plans for the rest of the day/night were canceled.

Into my food coma I went...

Experiencing a mild food coma at the park


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