Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bomba Estero is BLOWING UP!

You know my love for music and my love for Colombia! Bomba Estereo mixes both my loves seamlessly into beats, sounds and awesome lyrics.

If you haven't checked them out, here is an interview they did in Spain.

Simon: Bomba Estero is a project that has been in the works for a few years. I started working the format of mixing folk music with electronica with a project called Entrecasa in 2002, and thats where that interest was born of fusing together those two types of music. There was a project called AM770 and that evolved into Bomba Estero.

Li: I sing about things that happen to me. They are simple lyrics but I like to say what I feel and I like to say what I don't like. I think that when you have the advantage of being in front of an audience you have a responsibility of what you see - so people can also see it that way. If you don't like something in society or whats going on in the streets, then if your responsibility that the people feel that too.

Simon: I'll wake up and turn on the radio turn the dial, listen to that, then put on an folk track, I'll listen to electronica, reggae, rock. El Joe (Arroyo) - We are super Joe fans

Li: In my personal case, Yes, I get a lot of influence from La Mala and I get a lot of influence from singers. I try to be then but in terms of melodies, that just gets stuck in your head. If we become famous or whatever. I would really like to play in a plaza or people who can't buy tickets. To play where ever, so people listen to band and know the songs. Wow, that would be my dream.


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