Thursday, August 27, 2009


For this year's family vacation, my mom decided on Jamaica. I know you all think I had something to do with it, but it was totally her idea.

Below are a few Highlights from my trip.

Sea Horses:
We went on a horse back riding excursion, where you are a guided through a plantation (more like a dirt road) and get to ride in the water. This was no biggie for me, I have gone horse back riding before, but then the water part came. My thoughts were that we would ride the horses along side the water. NO. Once we finished with our “plantation” tour we rode to an ocean side shack where the saddles were taken off our horses and we were guided into the water -bare back, holding onto the mane of the horse, into 20 feet of water! The horse was swimming and I was riding it - in the water!!
The funny thing is the horse in front of me pooped and my fear switched from riding a horse in 20 feet of water, to not letting the poop touch me!

Seven miles of soft white sand beaches and crystal clear water along with that relaxed Jamaican vibe. You can’t beat that!! Total BLISS! Thats Negril!
That soon ended when our tour bus pulled into Rick’s Café to see the world famous Jamaican Sunset and the divers. People were flinging themselves of the top of trees over 50 feet in the air! Obvi, I didn’t partake in the 50 foot jump. I went for a more mild 25 feet. After my jump a random guy came over to me and asked if it hurt. Confused I said no, only to have him point out that I had blood all over my mouth. I busted my lip as I hit the water. I had so much adrenaline pumping through me that I didn’t feel a thing.

So scared!

On my way down

I didn’t want to be a total cheese ball and come back with braids, but I had a vision of me with bad ass braids on one side of my head. So I did it! I wish I had the balls to actually shave one side of my hair and be a REAL bad ass, but I'm a wimp.

I had a great time and will be returning to Jamaica and maybe this time I'll try the 35 foot jump!


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