Tuesday, August 18, 2009

White Sox, Wet Socks

Lets get one thing straight, I'm a METS Fan. There is no meaning behind my attendance at last night's White Sox game.

Now that we got that out of the way, lets talk baseball. The game was great last night. There was a lot of rain, good plays, and even a couple of home runs accompanied with fire works!

The game started out wet and slow - it rained and we sipped our beers instead of chugging them. By the third inning I was on my way for curly fries, beer # 3 and half a hot dog to follow the first.
[SIDE BAR: I gotta give it up to Chicago, those baseball hot dogs were really really good, especially with the grilled onions.]
The game started picking up and the crowd got excited, so excited that the Wave did three consistent loops around the stadium.

Finally after three innings of rain, the Sox won. I love going to the baseball stadium, you sing songs, do a little batter up dance and talk trash about the other team. By the 9Th inning our group had dwindled to five people trying to chug beers so we could beat the crowd.

That's my recap of the game. I have no idea who the players are on the Sox team so I can't go into detail on all that. For a full recap go to ESPN.com



matthew said...

I have to visit and go to the ballpark! i have been to 5 different (citi, yankee, cincinnati, cleveland, pitt) ones this year.
Good to see your doing well!

Dr. Blogstein said...

Love it! Don't give up on your Mets roots!!!

Qurious Quinones said...

You know it Blogstein! I will never give up on our METS!

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