Monday, August 31, 2009

Sept. 3rd, 1982

Let the countdown begin!

I usually like to make a big splash on my birthday, and this year is no exception. As a matter of fact, this year I’m celebrating more than ever! The past year has been a transitional one for me, to say the least. From the gritty city streets of New York to the hair tousling Windy City, I finally feel like I’ve come into my own.

Chicago has opened a new chapter for me and I’m excited to celebrate my first birthday in this city. I’m re-energized by the prospect of a new beginning but also nervous about the uncertainty the future holds. Whatever this year brings me, I know I can handle it with courage, hope and a little alcohol.

For my 27th birthday I’ve put together a list of the 27 things that will help me along as I navigate a new year.

1. Peace on Earth
2. For Mimi to be well behaved for JUST one day!!!
3. Salud, Dinero y Amor for all my friends and family
4. To Party like its 1999!!!
5. Exciting new novels in Spanish
6. Haircut
7. Headphones (preferably a pair I can workout with)
8. Shots of Tequila
9. Digital Camera
10. Michele two tone watch strap bracelet
11. For the METS to get their act together (next season)
12. Hermes Fragrance – Un Jardin en Mediterranee
13. Wine glasses
14. Andy Warhol Lips Tray
15. Shots of Whiskey
16. Socks
17. CVS Gift Card
18. Exciting new novels in English
19. ITunes gift card
20. Skinny Black Hudson jeans
21. Flowers
22. Anita Ko’s Gold Spike Stud earrings
23. Shots of Tequila
24. Ice Cream Cake
25. Champagne
26. Heart rate monitor
27. Hugs and Kisses



Betty said...

Tequila, Whiskey, Champaign and I wish I could be there! That's a happy hour...The gritty streets of New York miss you.

Qurious Quinones said...

Well, My dad must have read this post because she showed up in Chicago with a bottle of Tequila!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Darling! I hope you have a great day! Drink an extra 2 for me!!! MUAH

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